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Newsletter #2 | 2023

In this edition of our external newsletter, we touch on GDPR regulations for online retailers. The key focus remains on providing education and innovation to the e-commerce industry.

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July 11 - 12, 2023

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July 25, 2023
A reminder of GDPR policy for ecommerce websites?
The GDPR requires you to disclose the identity and the contact details of the controller. "The controller" means your ecommerce store, which is a "data controller" in EU jargon. A data controller is an entity that "determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data.

It is therefore logical to assume that a retailer that demonstrates they have a proactive approach to relevant personal data capture and processing, is proactive in ensuring data security, and has a credible range of technical, management and operational controls in place will be better placed. This is to not only to avoid a breach, but in the unfortunate event of a breach, will be more likely to receive a lower fine than an organization that takes no measures, or blatantly disregards its obligations under GDPR.

Video Launch

Tejas Software is pleased to showcase its inaugural Corporate video. It portraits energy and emotion reflecting over 20 years of organic growth.

Based on the resullt of an independent survey. Success Knocks Magazine recognize Tejas Software, Inc. with Innovation Excellence Award 2023.

Read our latest case study on how Tejas embedded optimizations' across all areas of fulfilment operations, for both B2C and B2B model.

Tejas Product Suite Update

We have migrated our application hosting into new servers with latest server operating system to give more power and capacity to our products (TOMS/WMS/myPOmanager).

We have added these additional features into TOMS (Tejas Order Management System) to benefit the customer’s journey:

  1. Expansion of Auto-suspend Order Feature: This feature provides TOMS users the flexibility to control the fulfillment process flow.
  2. Permission Set Enhancements: With this setting, we give more control to the TOMS customers to define user level action permissions for objects like Invoice, Payment, Subscription, Quote, etc.
  3. Warehouse level Inventory Distribution Management: TOMS customers now get advanced and flexible inventory sync with marketplaces using this feature.
Incoming New Partners

Tejas are delighted to be associated with Desktop Shipper as official partners who help retailers and 3PL warehouses to simplify shipping processes strategy.

Partner Innovation

Salesforce Order Support GPT
This is our latest cutting edge addition to the Salesforce ecosystem. Powered by the advanced capabilities of AI. It leverages natural language processing and machine

learning algorithms to augment your order management operations further. By analyzing historical data, it intelligently predicts demand, optimizes inventory levels, and provides actionable insights. Say hello to increased operational efficiency, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

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