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Tejas Software Newsletter #1 | 2023


“Tejas Software is delighted to have launched its debut External Newsletter. Our core objective is to provide education and innovation to the e-commerce industry. It will also help us to engage with our partners with a view to collectively promote best practices and excellence to new and existing clients.”

Emerging Markets

Online shopping in Mexico is set to continue its strong growth trajectory to 2024.

Mexico’s business to consumer e-commerce market has consistently expanded by at least 20 percent each year since 2017. Now worth US $38.9 billion, this market is set to grow at a steadier strong CAGR of 12.4 percent to 2024. Rising sales will likely be supported by the entrance of new shoppers. At present, only 39 percent of Mexican citizens have made an online purchase, spending an average of US $769 a year online; e-commerce accounts for just 9 percent of total retail and thus the online shopping arena still has a long way to go to reach its full potential.

Mexico is an exciting market for international merchants. The majority (66 percent) of Mexican online consumers have made a purchase from abroad, and cross-border shopping already makes 15% of total e-commerce in the country. Seeing the potential of the Mexican market, U.S. and Chinese e-commerce giants are vying to connect and transact with consumers here.

March 26-29, 2023
April 03-05, 2023
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Avalara Certified TOMS

We're excited to announce that Tejas OMS  (TOMS) is now "Avalara Certified".

Important feature changes include:

  • Maintain Customer's Tax Exemption Entity Use code in TOMS

  • Avalara Address Validation Services (for US,CA)

  • Standardization of Addresses with Avalara Address Validation (for US,CA)

  • Enabling Logging of API Payloads for Review


Most Promising Salesforce Solution Providers-2022

Tejas Software has been recognised by #CIOTechOutlook as the 10 Most Promising Salesforce implementation partners for 2022, servicing clients across the world.

In this rapidly transforming e-commerce world as an omni-channel merchant, your existing operating systems may not be effective enough to cope with multiple challenges.

How can your omni-channel fulfillment operation be future proof?

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Incoming New Partners

Tejas are delighted to be associated with W3W as official partners. Looking forward to a fruitful partnership.


Partner Innovation Comment

In this edition Proxima360 provide consumer behavior insight. In the realm of omni-channel retail, digitally savvy consumers are seeking true personalized, and seamless shopping experiences across multiple channels.

Proxima360 recognizes the significance of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics as essential tools for gaining insight into consumer behavior and preferences to deliver more relevant and personalized experiences while also optimizing their inventory management and supply chain. Emerging in-store trends will continue to leverage advancements in the metaverse and augmented reality to create experiential stores to drive consumer engagement in e-commerce.

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