How can you assure customers your services can be trusted?

It may appear that Brick-and-Mortar stores are diminishing after online business growth post Covid-19 situation. Is it true?

The fact is we need more stores today than ever before. Not just for selling merchandise but to provide in-person digital experience using innovation, intelligence and modern technology for better interaction.

Here are some of the latest trends related to the Brick-and-Mortar stores that helped in improving customer experience:

  • Home Depot offers kids-friendly workshops that walk parents and children through small craft projects.
  • Customers can create customized designs before making a purchase in Nike’s stores.
  • Digital signage in the physical store provides up-to-date information such as product availability, price comparison, queue position, etc.,
  • Customers can use the virtual reality apps to explore the product before the purchase.
  • Even Direct-to-consumer (DTC) digital brands have started opening physical locations.
  • New customer focused services such as Sephora’s makeup tutorials, are useful for better human connection experience.
  • Physical store is also helping the sellers to implement Buy Online, Pick up In-Store
Instore digitization is paramount in helping increase the bottom line for retail.

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