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Tejas Order Management System

The need for a sophisticated Order Management System arises when order volume increases, creating the need to manage operations efficiently.

Our system supports highly complex multi warehouse/stores operations spread across the world. It is multi-channel, multi-currency and multi-lingual. No matter where you are in the world, our system can handle your operations.


  • Order Consolidation from Websites, Marketplaces.
  • Inventory Management
  • Multilevel Product Management
  • Multilevel Category Management
  • Channel Management
  • Flyer Management
  • Rules based Order Allocation
  • Rules based Fulfillment Warehouse/Store Routing
  • Subscriptions
  • Reship/Return/Exchange Management
  • Bulk Data Import/Export
  • Operational / BI Reports / Custom Reports
  • Granular Security Management (Roles, Menus, Users)
  • Application Error Dashboard
  • REST API for integration with 3rd party systems
  • Standard integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento, Shopify, KIBO Commerce and more.

Product Management

Selling in multiple channels comes with its own challenges. Everything starts with setting up the products the right way. This can help you to expand faster by taking advantage of the data that is already in place. With minimal changes, and adding rules-based automation, you can quickly create multiple variations of products for sale in different market places. Our Product Management module is designed to support high growth in a rapid timeframe.

Inventory Management

This is a critical piece of the puzzle. Accurate inventory is essential for maximizing sales. When you are selling in multiple channels, if your inventory is not accurately reflected, you run the risk of either over or under selling. Both are bad, sacrificing profitability and customer satisfaction. Also, the fines charged by marketplaces for overselling are also going to hurt profitability. It is critical in online to have good customer feedback, to drive sales and to keep your ranking in the marketplace high . Inventory is very tightly managed within TOMS and is reflected in the market places in a timely manner.

Order Management

Once the order is placed, the customer is anxious to receive it at the earliest. It is essential that the orders move through your system smoothly and quickly. This is critical for a timely delivery of the order to your customer, and also to comply with the SLA for the market places so you are not penalized for late shipment. TOMS can handle complex order work flow processes that quickly move orders through the system based on rules defined at each level. Orders have attributes you can set to ensure that orders are treated based on their urgency. TOMS makes it easy for your customer orders to be handled efficiently.

Rules Based Allocation

Our rules-based allocation engine handles complex scenarios and allocates orders based on different rules set up by the customer. It can also handle allocation from different warehouses/stores based on preference, profitability and speed of delivery. It is essential that orders are received by customers within the time they are expecting, to ensure a positive customer experience. With robust rules in place, the system can deliver customer satisfaction and profitability.


Customer experience determines future business. Easy returns are something that helps a customer buy without hesitation. Your CSRs need a good tool to handle returns easily and quickly. TOMS provides easy return processes and the ability to refund the customer’s money quickly. If the item comes back in good condition and is sellable, it can be added back to inventory.


When your customer receives the wrong size, or color, or even damaged items, they expect to get a new item as soon as possible in exchange. When they contact your CSR, they are looking for a quick way to process their exchange. We have thought through the scenarios and have provided the exchange module to make your customer’s experience a pleasant one.


Reship is easier said than done. Sometimes, it is a part of a package that needs to be shipped. You need the ability to ship at any level of an order so you are not shipping the whole package or bundle again. We allow your CSR to reship components of a bundle or the whole order quickly and easily, and also inform if you have enough stock to reship all in one place. Efficiency is the key to being profitable.

For B2B

From lead, to quote, to customer, to sale, Tejas Software helps to enable commerce everywhere. This helps to increase your sales and operational efficiency.

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